Frau Fleischer (Madame la Bouchère in French) is a band born in 2020 during the sanitary crisis. 

Child of this troubled period, its personality has been influenced by the lockdown, giving the music an aggressive and rough matter. 

Formed by Gabriel Daimon as the main voice, a strange creature, son of theater and night; Greg Lambert on the guitar, an experimented musician who has performed on the biggest stages in France and Japan and Franz Schultz as the creator of the electronic sound, a musician who’s been touring Europe for almost 10 years now. 

The industrial and french core style is soiled with the very different background’s influences of the components of the project, giving life to a dark and metallic sound polluted by the pop cabaret drag scene.  

Sacrifice is the first single released by the band at the end of 2020 and they’re actually working on the creation of their first album. 

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